About WebsiteRepairCo

We will repair your broken website FAST. Our local professionals with years of experience will easily help you get back to business with your website up in no time. We also offer rapid response protection plans for continual peace of mind and to eliminate downtime before it ever starts. We will can assist all skill levels and specialize in mission critical emergency recovery operations.

Our Commitment to
Our Customers

Our team will fix your website quickly and effectively. We know that downtime can seriously hurt revenue and thus will work to get to the bottom of the problem as fast as possible when fixing your website.

We commit to being fully attentive and responsive to your needs via phone, chat, or email. Our programmers will work with you personally start to finish, answering your questions and resolving your issues.

We will take top-notch care to keep your website and personal information secure. Look at our privacy policy for more information.

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Problems We Solve

Programing Errors

Websites are built upon a foundation of code, and like a house will crumble if there are any errors in the underlying structure. Some of the common programming errors we fix are: internal server errors, syntax errors, broken forms, php errors, javascript errors, and broken css. We offer the best programmers with the years of training and experience required to assist with these complex tasks.

Data Loss and Failed Upgrades

Data loss can be a disaster for businesses and swift recovery operations are essential to prevent downtime and irreparable loss. We can assist with restoring from backups, fix missing or corrupted files, and recover from failed upgrades. As prevention is better than recover, afterward we can create database backups, encrypt sensitive data, and set restore points.

Configuration Errors

Configuration errors may cause many problems for businesses websites including login problems, database connection errors, 403 forbidden errors, improper permissions, the WordPress white screen of death, google not indexing, payment processing broken, and more. Our team can diagnose and fix these problems and even perform checkups to find additional configuration errors upon request.

Slow Loading Pages

If your sites performance scores are lacking we can speedup your site while fixing any "out of memory" or "request timed out" errors. Mobile sites may be slow, have broken images, or render improperly as well. A slow site not only makes a bad impression by looking unprofessional, but can lower search performance, hurt sales, drive off mobile users, and increase bounce rates.

Security Problems

Improper handling of security can often lead to hacked websites, compromised company or customer information, viruses, and malware. Our specialized security team can not only assist with rapid recovery from a security failure disaster, but can also perform security audits to find additional holes such as SQL injection vulnerabilities or cross site scripting attacks. For continued peace of mind we also offer security protection plans.

Our Expertise

Our seasoned programmers are experts at fixing problems with all of the technologies listed below. If your website platform is not on this list we can almost certainly fix it as well, just request a quote above!



Linux & OS

Apache & Webserver

MySQL & Database









Python & Django

ASP & .Net


Drupal & CMS

Mobile Apps




Ruby on Rails



Other Services


Not sure what exactly is causing your problem and done butting your head against the wall trying to figure it out? We offer advanced diagnostic services to get to the root cause of the problem. Often, like cockroaches, website problems should be fixed before they continue multiplying. After we have determined the cause we can perform cleanup. We can perform markup validations as part of this process as well. Very often diagnostics are an integral part of the process of fixing website problems.

Upgrade and Migration Assistance

It is very important to keep your current for many reasons from security to ease of use. However, if done improperly not only may the migration or upgrade fail but it may break the website! We offer upgrade and migration services for: hosting providers, CMS versions, themes, plugins, and databases. If your domain has expired we can also help look at your options.

Technical Support

Unlike freelancers, we offer personalized technical support from some of the most advanced programmers in the business. Whether you just need a quick fix or repair, to recover from a disaster, or have purchased one of our comprehensive protection plans, our team offers quick and responsive support by phone, chat, and email.

Search Engine Optimization

Ranking on search engines, such as Google, is a surprisingly powerful marketing tool for businesses. Very often it can be confusing why a website is low on the list or not even indexing at all. We can fix any errors related to search, boost page rank, and ensure metadata compliance. Additionally, we can help you learn more about your demographics with advanced analytics. Don't be caught in the dust of competitors with good SEO!