My website is broken but I don't know what is wrong, can you help me?

Absolutely! We perform in-depth diagnostics to determine the root cause of website problems.

How long will it take to fix my website?

After we have performed a diagnostic we will let you know the time and cost to fix the problem. We are extremely competitive and skilled at fixing website problems quickly.

What payment methods do you accept?

Currently we accept Paypal for debit and credit cards.

What are your hours?

We are available by phone Monday to Friday MST 9am-6pm. You may live chat us any time as well. Very often an experienced programmer will be available to fix your problem immediately.

Do you create new websites?

We do not currently create new websites.

Can you help me fix 403 Forbidden errors?

Often permissions or some other systems administration or coding issue creates 403 errors. We are adept at finding and fixing these problems so put in a request today!

Can you fix compatibility issues?

All the pieces may be there, but if they do not properly fit together a site will simply not work! One plugin may have updated and broken in relation with other existing site structure, for example. We can determine what needs to be fixed for optimal compatibility.

Can you fix hacked websites?

Security holes, non-updated plugins, cross site scripting attacks, WordPress vulnerabilities, insecure passwords or cryptography, SQL injection vulnerabilities, and many other security problems can cause a hacked website. We can assist with recovering your hacked website and also secure you against future attacks with one of our protection plans.

Can you fix JavaScript errors?

Our developers are very experienced at fixing even the worst javascript errors. Dynamic applications can often break even if is not the fault of the website owner and figuring out why can be difficult if one does not have years of experience with Javascript, Jquery, AJAX, and other related toolchains.

Can you help me recover lost files?

If you have lost your critical files don't panic yet! However, your next steps could be very important. Before the files get over-written, let us attempt to find them, undelete them, restore a backup, or whatever else is necessary. Otherwise, they could be gone forever!

Can you run problem diagnostics?

Absolutely! We perform in-depth diagnostics to determine the root cause of website problems. Additionally we usually perform a diagnostic on most issues to make sure we are fixing the right thing. We may even discover other problems we can fix during this process. Our toolkits, experience, and smarts combined are like a nerdier Sherlock Holmes.

CSS is not rendering or causing an error, help?

The content may be there, but without proper CSS it will look like crap! We can help restore, fix, or render CSS when it is simply not working for you.

Do you fix broken images?

Yes, we can fix broken images. They may have been deleted from the filesystem, database, or code base. We can find out where and fix the problem. Also, if you have backups we can restore them as well.

Can you fix database connection errors?

There are a couple of causes of database connection errors. One could be configuration changes, and another could be the database being down. Not only can we assist you with fixing these and other database connection errors, but we can help you install database monitoring and configuration software.

Why does my website work on desktop but not on mobile?

Often developers write for the desktop first, which can cause a ton of problems for rendering on a mobile phone. We are adept at proper mobile site development, and can help fix these gaffs and get your mobile users interacting with your company again.

Why is my site not indexing on Google?

It can be difficult to set everything up right so that Google will index your site. There are pitfalls and penalties for a variety of arcane reasons that only those who have done extensive and lengthy research (like us) will know. Not only can we get your site indexing, but we can boost rankings for increased marketing exposure!

Why does my site say out of memory?

There can be multiple reasons a site can run out of memory. Too many unnecessary components may be running. Sometimes a runaway task may be eating up everything. The hosting itself may not be providing the memory, especially on a shared server. We can figure out why you are out of memory and resolve the issue for you.

Can you fix PHP errors?

Yes, our programmers can fix any PHP problems you are having. PHP must be used carefully as it has many pitfalls, and often its ease of use can lead many people astray. We can fix whatever coding concerns you are having with PHP and get your server side code functioning again. We also can fix other languages as well!

Do you help recover from emergency website failures?

Absolutely! This is one of our main specialties. The experience of our programmers combined with the snappiness of our service can get you back on your feet far faster than almost anywhere else. Don't be stuck dealing with downtime, get a fix fast now!

How can I recover from a failed upgrade?

Failed upgrades can simply break everything! Often the data is still there, but due to an error it may not be accessible even if the website is working properly. We can help resume normal operations by fixing the failure and implementing a proper upgrade.

How do I recover from an expired domain?

There are a variety of ways to recover from an expired domain. We can help you decide if recovering the old domain is the best course of action, and from what registrar. We can also assist with transfer to a new domain if it is not, and updating the appropriate services (such as Google) to the new domain.

How do I schedule backups?

To schedule backups you should buy one of our protection plans. We will get your back and make sure that if anything goes wrong we will be able to recover your website data.

My security certificate is having an error or is expired

Security certificates are used to keep data secure with cryptography. We can help fix the problem with your certificate, or get you a different one if you need.

Can you help fix security problems?

Security holes, non-updated plugins, cross site scripting attacks, WordPress vulnerabilities, insecure passwords or cryptography, SQL injection vulnerabilities, and many other security problems can cause a hacked website or stolen data. We can secure you against future attacks with one of our protection plans.

Why are my pages so slow?

There are a plethora of issues which can cause websites to load slowly. Oftentimes methods such as GZIP compression, image compression, and more efficient code can help make pages load faster. Once we have improved the speed of your site your Google rankings may jump up as well!

Can you fix syntax errors?

Yes, we can fix syntax errors for you. Our programmers crush such things with ease, and you should let them do so quickly instead of spending lots of time trying to figure out just where the problem lies.

How do I upgrade or migrate my website?

We can help do this for you once, but if you are wanting to keep up to date it would be best to buy one of your protection plans to keep your website up to date.

How much will downtime cost my business?

Website downtime can cost a business an enormous amount of money. Not only will all the business that would have conducted be lost, but the company will appear to be unprofessional and unreliable, hurting branding. Google will negatively affect search result ranking from downtime as well. Don't be caught out in the cold, and order a fix from us today!

Why are my forms not working?

Forms may be broken at many points, anywhere from validation, to the database, to the server-side code, etc. We can help find out why these forms are broken and fix them in a jiffy!

Why does my site rank badly on Google?

This is a highly complex issue, but we have some of the best SEO experts on our team. We can get your rankings boosted and figure out if you have any major SEO errors.

Why does my website load forever until a timed out error occurs?

This could happen for a variety of reasons. The server may not be responding properly, the hosting may be down, configuration could not allow long enough for code execution, or (most likely) something in the code may be running forever. We can debug the code and find out what is causing the server not to respond in time for you.

Can you restore WordPress backups?

Yes, we can restore WordPress backups. After a crash, you should do this as quickly as possible as new data will be lost when restoring to a backup. Also this will help prevent downtime.

Can you fix WordPress internal server errors?

Yes, our skilled programmers are masters at diagnosing the problem with your PHP WordPress internal server errors. Not only can we fix these in WordPress, but also with a variety of other sites as well. These will often cripple a site with long-term downtime so don't hesitate.

Can you help me recover my WordPress login information?

Absolutely! It can be very frustrating to not be able to log in and administer your website, but we can help recover lost login information for you.