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A horribly broken website in need of repair
A horribly broken website in need of repair

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A horribly broken website in need of repair

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We will fix your broken website now. We specialize in mission critical emergency recovery fixes. Our programmers with many years of relavant industry background with applications like JQuery will easily help you get back to business with your website up in no time. Don't get stuck with corrupted files, let us use our skill to fix it right away!

In addition, we provide rapid service protection plans for consistent peace of mind and to eliminate downtime before it starts. We will aid people of all ability levels. A few of the benefits of a protection plan are: uptime monitoring, monthly reports, and uptime monitoring.

We commit to being fully attentive and responsive to all your support requests via phone, chat, or email . Our Charlotte technicians work with you personally start to finish, answering your questions and resolving your issues. As a client you are our first priority, and we will even reply outside of business hours if we can.

We will work together with you to restore your site quickly and effectively. We are aware that downtime could badly hurt revenue and thus we will function to diagnose the issue, for instance google not indexing, as fast as possible when repairing your website.

We will take first-class care to keep your website and personal information safe, regardless of if it is on your site or related to a protection plan. Keep safe in the long term! Check out our privacy policy to find out more.

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Website designer in Charlotte, North Carolina

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Keep a smooth running website and peace of mind with our no-contract WebsiteRepairCo Protection Plans. Make this emergency fix your last with our top-notch service.



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Common Repair Questions

My homepage is broken but I don't understand what is wrong, can you help me?
Absolutely! We perform comprehensive diagnostics to determine the root cause of website problems. Our technicians are extremely adept at diagnosing what is wrong with applications, such as with ASP .NET. We'll determine what is wrong and provide you a cost for the solution. We guruntee a quality fix.

How long will it take to repair my website?
Once we have performed a diagnostic we will let you know the time and cost to resolve the issue with software like fixing PHP. We're extremely competitive and skilled at fixing homepage issues fast. As an instance, choose Robert that we helped solve his problem of: 403 forbidden error quickly creating him a happy customer.

What payment methods do you accept in Charlotte?
Now we accept Paypal for debit and credit cards. We are open to working together with you too. In addition, we manage our subscription plans through Paypal.

What are your hours?
We're available by telephone Monday to Friday MST 9am-6pm. You will live chat us any time also. Frequently an experienced technician will be available to restore your problem with application like DNS immediately.

Do you design new websites?
We don't create new websites right now. If you would like to get a qualified designer, at the Charlotte area, such as Convert2xhtml, check on this page to find one that works appropriately for you.

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Common Charlotte Website Repair Issues

I've got nginx set up for Rails software that has been doing work beautifully for me personally. Now I wish to move my Wordpress blog from to numerous web crawlers handle it part of the site. It will work, as if I'm being correctly redirected into this wordpress folder but my host will not know what things to do using php data files and sends me to my personal browser since documents to download. I made a symbolic connection within my Rails program's public/ directory and added the following for my nginx configuration I strove nesting the .php$ spot within the /blog location . however, it contributes to 404 mistake. What is wrong with the subsequent piece and also how to repair it? This performs fantastic. However, what I would like to would be skip the symbolic link section. Allow me to nginx to route straight to the wordpress listing. I attempted changing the /blog obstruct to
I've Got Blogs that I plan to Conduct onto One server Which has NGinx and on it That I Place them all up with a Single Lever block per conf file, all included from the Principal nginxconf file This Is a Variety of Wordpress, PhpMyAdmin, and PHP Sites The wordpress and Also PhpMyAdmin Web Sites are working Nice, but the PHP Web Sites Aren't Meaning, when I pull Chrome Claims connection Denied, Also there Is no Hint of an connection on NGinx logs pulls up on the default site because I did Not configure Afterward at Exactly the Same Moment Below will be the Nginx config files that I am having troubles with, truncated to Incorporate the Critical parts; Please Allow Me to know if more information is needed I've got two web sites, and that I'm trying to run the same waiter Is there to an issue for NGinx? Immediately after checking and rechecking for over hours, I discovered that the sites Which Have the server_name as perform, however, those with do not All the working websites are configured to utilize Sub Domain URLs, and that is probably why they are functioning All of my bottom URLs auto redirect from // to //; How do I find out in which this divert is taking place? Here is the truncated conf record for What am I missing from the config to create the work? I also found that if will work, doesn't and viceversa, which means I have to delegate each website that has the title abc inside it different subdomains like and is it a standard/expected behaviour of Nginx, or am I overlooking something? I copied the nginx configs from Your working websites to set up the Websites Which Aren't functioning, but no luck The only difference in nginx config between the working and non-working websites are the server_name directive Here's the full working conf file for a blog that functions the Other sites have this config, as they Are Merely fundamental PHP sites Does Nginx really have a problem with differentiating between and? Here's the truncated file for
You Experience an error in your SQL syntax; assess the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the Perfect syntax to use near" at line I'm Trying to Add more then 50 rows to Data-base However, That the post request is Taking Place for rows and Also the Games Console says internal server Malfunction After adding rows It's giving the mistake
Another, which is not actually an alternative, more of a'buffer' because I love to think itis to get another staging along with the first one. The first one has only presentation info, to improve all of the code, the second reason is really where all of the articles has been kept, always in sync with the live website or possibly even employing exactly the exact same database however likely not, and even then putting all of the changes to the second staging, and also fixing all the conditions up that ahead of placing it on the server. I've been doing some research with this and haven't been in a position to find many alternatives that manage this. There is ofcourse the WordPress native exporting functionality, however I've had issues with this at days gone by and it is simply not accurate enough to drive information on a staging site to a live website. I have looked in to a number of plugins to aid with this specific particular, however virtually none I've seen have a'partial sync' performance integrated into it. solution I Have across is always to not the dwell site with articles before changes have been finished about the staging site staging web page is to get deving just, I personally, and the live site is regulated by your client, therefore they can, and do, make regarding the live website. However, this isn't an alternative with that is wanting to done articles as part of the customized article type will have a different back end for a new design, as well as most of the content being re written. Would greatly appreciate any and advice on this problem. Cheers The last thing, which isn't a solution, is dropping the live database after taking a backup of this uploading the staging database to the live site, once manually inputting all of the information from the newest items onto the website this requires full knowledge of what the customer has Id given that changes were left.